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Our Mission

Hope in Action

Hope Rising Washington is a collaboration of public and private partners who believe in the power of hope. We aim to transform lives, organizations, and communities through the science of hope. We believe that hope is not just a concept, but a powerful force capable of driving positive change in the world. 

Hope is not simply a wish. It is something we can measure, apply and grow in our communities. Now with over 2,000 studies measuring hope, it is a known predictor of success and well-being in nearly every sector.

Creating a Hope Centered Washington

Our Origin Story

Hope Rising Washington is a movement to implement the power and science of Hope. Based off pioneering work of Hope Rising Oklahoma, we believe that Hope has the power to improve the lives of people, the cultures of organizations and bring about systems change. Our work began with trainings and awareness events which become collaborative learning communities and solidified deep commitments to do better by Washington youth and families. We wan... Read more

Our Work

Hope Rising Washington partners come together frequently through communities of practice, book clubs, Hope Cafes and hope-centered trainings and events. Our partner organizations and colleagues come from a variety of roles, agencies and experiences and form community to learn from and with one another. We encourage our colleagues to be open about their wins and challenges with implementing Hope projects in their own organizations.

Learn mor... Read more

Get Involved

How can you and your organization become a Hope Rising Partner? 

  • Attend Hope Navigator or other training events
  • Join a Hope Community of Practice
  • Attend or Start a Hope Rising book club.
  • Work through strategic project in your work and organization to implement Hope practices and strategies.